Mathematics and Information Fall 2018

Monday, 13.45-15.15, and Thursday, 10.15-11.45, C015

Wolfgang K. Seiler

Exercise sessions will take place on thursdays, 12.00-13.45, in C015.


The second exam will take place on thursday, february 7 at 11 o'clock in A5, B244.

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Lecture notes (in german) from an earlier course are available and may be slightly updated during this term; see below.

The main reference for the first two thirds of the course will be

Thomas M. Cover, Joy A. Thomas: Elements of Information Theory, Wiley, 2006

The last third of the course mostly uses

Michael W. Berry, Murray Browne: Understanding search engines: Mathematical Modeling and Text Retrieval, SIAM, 2005   and
Amy N. Langville, Carl D. Meyer: Google's PageRank and Beyond - The Science of Search Engine Rankings, Princeton, 2006

Two additional references whose full text can be viewed online are

David MacKay: Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms, Cambridge, 2003   and
David Easley, Jon Kleinberg: Networks, Crowds, and Markets, Cambridge, 2010

The following original papers will be used during the course:

Further references will be given in the course.

Slightly updated notes from earlier course: These notes were written during the term and immediately put online. The may contain quite a few minor (and possibly even major) errors. In the last paragraph, one section is still missing, but it is not relevant for the exam.

If you find any errors or have any comments, please contact me.

Course notes
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