Falko Gauß

Doktorand in Algebraischer Geometrie und Singularitätentheorie
Fachstudienberater für Studierende des Lehramts Mathematik

Lehrstuhl VI Mathematik
Universität Mannheim
Seminargebäude A5, 6, Raum C 202
68131 Mannheim

Telefon: 0621 / 181-2451
E-Mail: "My surname spelled with ss"@math.uni-mannheim.de LinkedIn-Profil

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Research Interests: Hypersurface Singularities, (Tropical) Algebraic Geometry, Mirror Symmetry.
Research Projects: SISYPH
Recent Talk: Workshop Waseda University (Japan)

Teaching/ Lehre (Betreuung von Veranstaltungen)
HWS 2016: Lineare Algebra I
FSS 2016: Geometrie
FSS 2015: Lineare Algebra IIa

  1. (with C. Hertling) mu-constant monodromy groups and Torelli results for the quadrangle singularities and the bimodal series, e-print available at arXiv: 1710.03507 (2017).
  1. Planar tropical gravitational descendants with one tangency condition, accepted for publication in Houston Journal of Mathematics, e-print available at arXiv: 1509.07309 (2015).
  2. (with C. Hertling) mu-constant monodromy groups and Torelli results for marked singularities, for the unimodal and some bimodal singularities, in: Singularities and Computer Algebra, Festschrift for Gert-Martin Greuel on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday (W. Decker, G. Pfister, M. Schulze, eds.). Springer International Publishing 2017, p. 109-146.
Reports, Lecture Notes and Non-math
  1. (with A. A. Farke et al.) The Open Dinosaur Project Handbook of Ornithischian Limb Bones, Drexel Open Notebook Science Databook.

Miscellaneous/ Verschiedenes
    For co-compact subgroups of the special unitary Lie group we can define the respective Lorentz space form. This is the link of a quasihomogeneous singularity. We can compute the fundamental domain of these groups and think of it as embedded in 3-dimensional Lorentz space. We obtain then the so-called Fischer domains. A summary of the study of Fischer domains is given in [Brieskorn et al. 2003]. Here I present folding paper models of Fischer domains for certain types of exceptional hypersurface singularities, which I made with the 3D computer graphics software Blender. I hope that to experience the interesting resulting shapes in this way will bring joy to experts and laypersons alike. The mathematical background for these types of Fischer domains can be found in [Pratoussevitch 2001].
    See for type [Q10], [Z11], [E12] ...