Sven Balnojan

Doktorand in algebraischer Geometrie und Singularitätentheorie
Lehrstuhl VI Mathematik
Universität Mannheim
Seminargebäude A5, 6, Raum C 225
68131 Mannheim
Telefon: 0621 / 181-2606
E-Mail: XING

Nach Vereinbarung (am einfachsten per E-Mail) oder meist Freitags 9.00 - 10.00

Tipps, Ressourcen, Handouts, Online Tools, zu allem was ich unterrichte findet ihr hier: LA & Spieltheorie Extras

Helpful information: notes, resources & links (for fields relevant to my research).

Research Interests (algebraic geometry and singularity theory): Irregular meromorphic connections, Stokes structures, TERP-structures (non-commutative Hodge structures), Frobenius manifolds, Hypersurface singularities. Research Projects: SISYPH

Forschungsseminar Lehrstuhl VI Mathematik, FSS 2017
Seminar matrix factorizations, University of Mannheim, HWS 2016
Oberseminar Algebraische Geometrie, HWS 2016
Seminar triangulated categories, cluster algebras and the cluster category, University of Mannheim, FSS 2016
Irregular Hodge Structures and Stability Conditions, Mainz, 2016

Teaching/ Lehre (Betreuung von Veranstaltungen)
HWS 2017: Game theory (Spieltheorie I)
FSS 2017: Lineare Algebra IIa
HWS 2016: Game theory (Spieltheorie I)
FSS 2016: Spieltheorie II, Seminar Spieltheorie
HWS 2015: Game theory (Spieltheorie I)

Preprints/ Publications
  1. (with C. Hertling) Conjectures on spectral numbers for upper triangular matrices and for singularities, arXiv: 1712.00388 (2017).
  2. (with C. Hertling) Real Seifert forms and polarizing forms of Steenbrink mixed Hodge structures, arXiv: 1712.00383 (2017).
  3. (with C. Hertling) Reduced and nonreduced presentations of Weyl group elements, arXiv: 1604.07967 (2016).
  4. Master thesis on hypersurface singularities and root systems
  5. Bachelor thesis on the classification of germs of maps from the plane to three-space

FSS 2017 a seminar talk on the category of coherent sheaves on the projective line (with notes).
HWS 2016 a seminar talk on weighted projective lines.
HWS 2016 a seminar talk on irregular meromorphic connections and Stokes structures.
FSS 2016 a seminar talk on the cluster category.
FSS 2016 a seminar talk on cluster algebras.
FSS 2016 a seminar talk on the category of complexes.

More Notes
Notes on Sheaf Cohomology