Materials for the main talks

by Professor Chandrajit Bajaj

NB: Hardcopies of the talks are available in A5, C207, mornings from 8 to 12.

Since some files are very large, we shall also put them all onto a CD, which can be borrowed from the same place. As soon as the printouts and the CD are available, this will be announced here.     -wks

 Lecture 1  Powerpoint (13.7 MB)   pdf (6.1 MB) 
 Lecture 2  Powerpoint (6.1 MB)   pdf (2.4 MB) 
 Lecture 3  Powerpoint (13.8 MB)   pdf (4.2 MB) 
 Lecture 4  Powerpoint (5.2 MB)   pdf (5.0 MB) 
 Lecture 5  Powerpoint (5.8 MB)   pdf (6.7 MB) 
 Lecture 6  Powerpoint (9.2 MB)   pdf (3.0 MB) 

SWF files of animations

MPEG Animationen